Let’s Take A Pledge This World Environment Day 2014

As we are all aware that June 5 is globally celebrated as World Environment Day every year. The day that is designated to thank environment for

– sustaining human life on earth

– providing us with the valuable opportunities to enjoy its beauty

– being generous enough to make us use its precious resources to meet our basic needs and never ending desires.


For the amount of benefit that we receive from the environment and to the extent we are exploiting its resources and on top of that polluting it, celebrating an Environment day for one day a year is nowhere close to enough. However it is a good opportunity to remind and aware people about their responsibilities towards environment. It’s a day to thank environment for its generosity and conduct some significant deeds to preserve mother earth. The collective efforts made by millions of people worldwide on this day add an extra value to this day.

Since many years environmental organisations and educational institutions have been organising various programs to mark this day. However with the increasing awareness, globalisations and advanced use of social media, more and more people are getting involved and the day is being celebrated in the wider communities.

As a citizen there are many ways we can contribute towards the cleaner, greener and healthier environment. We DO NOT have to do everything at the same time. We can start with something small every week. As Gandhi has said ‘be the change that you want to see in this world’, the most important thing is to change the way we think. That will lead us towards taking the actions, the action taken multiple times will become our habit, which will become our behaviour, and our behaviour eventually denotes our character.

Here is a list of 10 simple yet effective actions that we can start any time and it won’t cost a thing. Instead it will save our environment by providing a healthier place for us to live in as well as save our money. So why not to start from today?

1. Turn off the taps when not in use especially during brushing your teeth or shavingwater

2. Fix all the leaks including taps and toilets

3. Take shorter shower and minimise the use of bath tub.

4. Turn off the light when not in use and replace green-bulbyour bulbs with CFLs

5. Use your washing machine only when it is full load and go for cold washes. dry in the sunDry your clothes in the sun rather than dryers.

6. Make sure your refrigerator is in good condition. Get rid of second fridge or only use when required

7. Collect rain water and use it for external purposes such as watering the plants, IMG_1408washing car etc


8. Separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable household waste and use bio finished compostdegradable waste from kitchen and garden to make compost


recycle sign

9. Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans that comes out from your home by placing them into the yellow lidded bin


Organic Gardening Pic 1

10. Grow your own vegetables or buy locally grown food to reduce food miles and stay healthy.




By making changes in the way we live our lives, we can certainly become a part of the solution. Let start now and make a difference…!!

If you have other tips that one can start instantly then please feel free to suggest them.


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